Digital Panel Meter > Multi Power Meter (FZ series) Multi Power Meter (FZ series)
• True RMS for accurate measurement of distorted waveforms
• Field programmable for PT,CT ratio.
• Memory for all setup & logging ,and down load by software
• Simple menu structure
• 1A or 5A CT connection for single and three phase system.
• Current per phase
• Frequency & Power factor
• Power (Kw) , Kvar
• Kwh (Active energy)
• RS485 or RS232C ,MODBUS,CANBUS (Multi-drop maximum 63 units)
• Programmable all parameters by serial command from PC or Work station.
• Power: AC 220V +/- 10% , 50/60HZ
• CE mark acquired
General Specs
Case 144 x144 x 65mm
Power Supply AC220V (50Hz / 60Hz)
Power consumption Below 2VA
Phase Single & Three phase power line
Input Voltage AC 500V
Input Ampere AC  6A
Working Temperature -20°C~60°C
Storage temperature -25°C ~ 80°C (The humidity must be under 70% and non-condensing)
Communication RS232 or RS485. MODBUS ,CANBUS support
  Measurement Accuracy
Voltage 110V x PT F.S.±1digit 1%
Ampere 5A x CT F.S.±1digit 0.5%
Watt 0.01~999KW (Auto range) F.S.±2digits 2%
Var 0.01~999KVAR (Auto range) F.S.±2digits 2%
Watthour 0.1~999,999,999KWH (Auto range) F.S.±2digits 2.0%
Frequency 42Hz~80Hz (Auto range) F.S.±1digit 0.2%
Power Factor -0.5~1~+0.5 F.S.±1digit 2%
0.0~100.0 F.S.±1digit 2%
FZ-33 AC500V/6A 1 & 3 phase NONE
FZ-33E with watthour function
FZ-33C with serial communication