Digital Panel Meter > Power Factor Controller Power Factor Controller
  • Measurement principles
    • High current and power factor measurement accuracy is achieved by utilizing digital signal processing using a microprocessor and FFT algorithm.
    • Precise measurement and control functions even under conditions of voltage or current waveform distortion by higher harmonic components.
  • Control principles
    • Governor's speed of response independently programmable for conditions of undercompensation and overcompensation, respectively.
    • The preset speed of response increases in proportion to instantaneous control deviation, that is by square of the ratio of the control deviation to the smallest capacitor section value (C/k); growing control deviation may reduce this value to minimum control time of 5 seconds.
    • If the control deviation is smaller than the smallest capacitor section's current (C/k), the preset control response time gets longer twofold; if the control deviation keeps decreasing under a half of the smallest capacitor section's current (C/k), no control takes place
  • Automatic installation
    • Automatic connection detection on governor installation
    • Automatic control section recognition
    • It is possible to connect any combination of the control sections
    • Section value manual entry possible
  • Alarm with free program
    • independently adjustable alarm's signaling and action functions function of the 6th relay programmable to alarm signalling
    NOVAR 5 NOVAR 106 NOVAR 114 NOVAR 206 NOVAR 214
    Number of output relays 6 6 14 6 14
    Measurement and display ampere/PF ampere/PF/harmonics ampere/PF/harmonics
    Levels of harmonic component - Up to 17th Up to 17th Up to 17th Up to 17th
    Power Factor desired/Choke control limit power factor -0.8~+0.9 -0.8~+0.9 -0.8~+0.9 -0.8~+0.9 -0.8~+0.9
    Connection time (ma. value, depends on control deviation) 5~1200sec 5~1200sec 5~1200sec 5~1200sec 5~1200sec
    Reconnection lockout time 5~1200sec 5~1200sec 5~1200sec 5~1200sec 5~1200sec
    smallest capacitor current (C/k value converted to CMT primary side) (0.05/2A)xCMT ratio (0.05/2A)xCMT ratio (0.05/2A)xCMT ratio (0.05/2A)xCMT ratio (0.05/2A)xCMT ratio
    Setting compensation section values(Auto/Manual) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Setting connection mode(Auto/Manual) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Measuring current (galvanically isolated) 0.05~7.5A 0.05~7.5A 0.05~7.5A 0.05~7.5A 0.05~7.5A
    Measuring voltage(galvanically isolated) - - - 100~690V/50HZ
    Voltage input impedance - - - > 200KΩ/td>
    Current input serial impedance < 10mΩ < 10mΩ < 10mΩ < 10mΩ < 10mΩ
    전류측정밀도 ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
    harmonic component and THD measurement accuracy - ±10% ±10% ±10% ±10%
    Relay load rating 250V/4A 250V/4A 250V/4A 250V/4A 250V/4A
    Power Supply 230V AC
    230V AC
    230V AC
    230V AC
    230V AC
    VA 4VA 4VA 4VA 10VA 10VA
    Isolation level IEC664 IEC664 IEC664 IEC664 IEC664
    EMC EN55011 EN55011 EN55011 EN55011 EN55011
    Operation temp. -5~+40℃ -5~+40℃ -5~+40℃ -5~+40℃ -5~+40℃
    Storage temp. -40~70℃ -40~70℃ -40~70℃ -40~70℃ -40~70℃
    Isolation level 10~75% 10~75% 10~75% 10~75% 10~75%
    EMC IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54
    Size 96X96mm 144x144mm 144x144mm 144x144mm 144x144mm
    Weight 400g 1kg 1kg 1kg 1kg
    Communication - 9600bps 9600bps 9600bps 9600bps
    Multi-drop max. - 32 32 32 32
    Communication - RS232/485 RS232/485 RS232/485 RS232/485
    Maximum connection distance - 30m/1,2km 30m/1,2km 30m/1,2km 30m/1,2km
    Tariff control - - - 1 1