Digital Panel Meter > Watt Meter Watt Meter
• Single phase (D series F.S.0.5% 96 x 48 DIN size) and three phase (F series F.S.0.8% 96 x 96 DIN size) use.
• 9999 free range for single phase and 99999 auto range for three phase.
• CT / PT ratio programmable by using buttons.
• In case you change the meter from panel, no need to uninstall wire / cable / bracket / case from the panel or machine. Simply set apart the pcb part by pulling out the front cover.
• No need jumper. Display value and decimal point position programmable by buttons.
• Flashing 'H-Er' at over 120% input range.
• CE mark acquired.
• All meters have temperature compensation function built in so, the meter operates correctly within the working temperature.
• Various output option supportable such as Analogue 4_20mA, High & Low relays, RS485 and, RS232. In case of Analogue 4_20ma output, the load resistance maximum is 1KΩ so, it'll let you save the engineering cost.
• Multi-drop maximum is 255 in case of RS485.
• Case : Non-fired ABS

220V/5A 1Φ2W

(max 250V/6A)


NONE 2 BUTTONS 0.6" 9999
CW-133 NONE 2 BUTTONS 0.8" 9999
DW-132A NONE 4 BUTTONS 0.6" 9999
DW-132A2 2RELAYS 4 BUTTONS 0.6" 9999
DW-132A3 4_20mA+2RELAYS 4 BUTTONS 0.6" 9999
DW-132A52 RS232+2RELAYS 4 BUTTONS 0.6" 9999
DW-132A54 RS485+2RELAYS 4 BUTTONS 0.6" 9999