MK Electronics is

One of the leading Korean manufacturers of Digital Panel Meter and other devices for Electric utilities. We have vast experience in the field of metering and measuring equipment, supplying markets worldwide with top-of-the-line Digital Multi Meters, segments of SCADA and DCS. Our products are known for their durability and accuracy.

MK Electronics completed all development for over 900 models of Digital Panel Meters,  Signal Converters, Digital Multi Meters and many fields of Electric devices with high & reliable technology.

MK Electronics are establishing National Master Distributor each country in order to complete MK sales network in all the world. With high & reliable quality of its products,

MK Electronics is succeeding in cultivating markets in both Korea domestic and overseas markets with MK digital panel meters and will build and concrete MK brand power step by step in the world.

Also, Our factory produces many kinds of  LED lamps & bulbs with high and reliable technology from May,2007.

Thank you.

Sam-Pyo Hong / President

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